About Us

Outreach is located in No.1 Industrial Zone, Jiaoxi, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, China.  Since 2003, our plant has been comprised of 15.000 square meters of manufacturing work space. Our factory features quality machinery which ensures that you receive the finest products available. We have earned the certificate of the ISO9001-2000 Quality Insurance System.

Outreach is engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of a wide variety of lawn & garden products, including Greenhouse products, Garden Carts, Hand trucks, Wheelbarrows, OEM Wheels and more. We also welcome other OEM projects.
Outreach has a fully trained customer service department to handle all of your manufacturing and ordering requirements.   We strive to supply you the best offers and the best possible customer service.
Outreach wants to develop with you and create an environment that offers the best opportunity to grow and expand your business potential. 
Outreach has one belief: To be honest, efficient, work hard, and OUTREACH worldwide.